"Francoise" Vintage Fedora Feather Hat

Image of "Francoise" Vintage Fedora Feather Hat


“Fleurs plaisir tout en plumes s'enflammer”

(Flowers delight while feathers ignite)

Universally the combination of heavy fabrics, darker colors and pieces of nature signify our transition from summer into fall but the lively adornments on this piece beg to differ. A gentle floral and twig arrangement sits atop two remarkably wine colored feather pieces. Alone, these pieces make a statement by themselves, but pair them up with the iconic “Old Man Hat” and now you’ve got a piece that shines from summer all the way through fall, winter and spring.

Each Couture Hat is shipped in it's own vintage hat box for protection and safe keeping during shipping and in your closet. Each hat box is unique and different!

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